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Looking for specialized equipment for your next project which won’t cost a lot? You should check these boom lift rentals near me, you should check out The Home Depot Rental’s boom lift options. They have over 1,100 stores across the U.S. making it easy to find aerial, scissor, and other lift rentals nearby.

Boom Lift

Boom lifts come in handy for lots of jobs. They help with tree care, sign repairs, and more. Even painting and electrical tasks are easier with them. The JLG T350 model, for example, reaches heights of 34-35 feet and can carry up to 500 lbs.

But what makes boom lift rentals stand out? What makes them the right choice for your project? We’ll answer these questions and more. Plus, we’ll show you how to find the best boom lift for your needs.

Introducing Boom Lift Rentals

Boom lifts, known as aerial lifts or cherry pickers, are sturdy machines. They help lift workers and materials high up for work. Their boom can stretch, raising a platform to reach tough spots. They’re used in many jobs like construction, maintenance, tree work, and more.

What is a Boom Lift?

A boom lift is like a high-rise elevator for work. It uses a hydraulic boom to carry a platform up. This way, it gets you to high places safely. Boom lifts help in construction, building maintenance, and taking care of trees.

Types of Boom Lifts Available for Rent

When looking to rent a boom lift, there are choices to fit different needs. You can pick from:

  • Articulating Boom Lifts: Big arms that can twist, useful for tricky spots.
  • Telescopic Boom Lifts: Straight out booms for high-up tasks.
  • Trailer-Mounted Boom Lifts: Booms that can be moved, increasing job flexibility.

Knowing about these types helps you pick the best one for your job. This makes your work smoother and more efficient.

Key Benefits of Renting a Boom Lift

Renting a boom lift has many advantages. It’s a lot cheaper than buying one, especially if you only need it sometimes. This way, you save money and still get to use a boom lift when it’s necessary. You can also pick the perfect model for what you’re doing and have it sent directly to you.

Cost-Effective Solution

If you rent a aerial lift rental instead of buying, you don’t have to pay a lot upfront. Imagine the savings from not having to deal with maintenance costs too. For projects that don’t need a boom lift all the time, this choice is a smart one.

Flexibility and Convenience

Choosing a scissor lift rental nearby gives you the freedom to choose from many models. You might need an articulating, telescopic, or trailer-mounted lift for your task. It ensures you work efficiently. Plus, the rental company will bring it to you and take it away, so no worries about moving it.

Safety and Expertise

When you rent a sky lift rental services boom lift, they often offer safety training. This helps make sure you and your team know how to use the lift safely. Rental companies keep their equipment in top shape, meeting the highest safety standards. This means you can focus on your work without worrying about safety.

Boom lift

Boom Lift Rentals Near Me

Need a boom lift for a project soon? You can easily find rentals locally. Big names like The Home Depot Rental have over 1,100 spots in the U.S. That makes getting what you need near your work site easy.

Wide Service Area Coverage

Many rental spots are available, so you can find the perfect boom lift. It doesn’t matter where your project is. You might need a towable, self-propelled, or a knuckle boom lift. Rentals are easy to find all over the country.

Local Rental Providers

Do you prefer using local companies? Your neighborhood may have rental businesses that focus on powered access equipment. They offer a personal touch and help to meet your project’s exact needs. Services might include boom lifts, scissor lifts, and cherry pickers.

Applications of Boom Lift Rentals

Boom lift rentals are used in many industries. They help in construction, maintenance, tree care, and landscaping. These machines are perfect for working up high, making tasks easier and safer.

Construction and Maintenance

In construction, boom lift rentals are great for repairs and installing things like HVAC and windows. They reach high spots and lift heavy materials. This makes work in tall places much simpler and precise.

Tree Care and Landscaping

Tree care and landscaping can greatly benefit from boom lifts. They help reach high branches to prune or remove them. These lifts are key for keeping both commercial and residential areas looking their best.

Facility and Building Maintenance

Boom lifts also play a crucial role in building and facility upkeep. They reach lighting, signs, and gutters for maintenance work. This keeps commercial and industrial spaces well-maintained without the risk of using ladders or scaffolding.

Choosing the Right Boom Lift for Your Needs

When you rent a boom lift, pick the one that fits your job best. Think about the platform’s height, how far it can go, and how much weight it can carry.

Platform Height and Reach

Boom lifts come in many sizes. Some are small and can be towed on a trailer, reaching up to 35 feet. Others are big and can reach over 100 feet high. Know how high and how far you need to go for your work. This ensures you pick the right boom lift to get the job done safely.

Lift Capacity and Weight Limits

Consider the weight a boom lift can handle. They can usually lift between 500 to 1,000 pounds. Think about the people, tools, and materials you need at height. Choose a boom lift that can bear the weight safely.

Knowing your project’s height, reach, and lifting needs helps you choose wisely. A good rental boom lift offers the right access and support for a safe and efficient job.

Boom Lift Safety and Operator Training

Operating a boom lift safely is very important for workers and the area around them. Rental companies offer full training. They make sure you know how to use the controls and understand safety rules. You’ll also learn about how much weight the lift can hold, how to keep it steady, and how to move it around.

Rental companies like Sunbelt Rentals provide different safety courses. These include in-person and online lessons for operating lifts and forklifts. You can also get certified to use different types of lifts safely. This could be forklifts used indoors, ones for rough ground, or even big lifts used outside.

Getting certified to use a Telehandler or Forklift needs both online learning and a hands-on test. If you want to handle forklifts in warehouses, you must pass a practical test. Sunbelt Rentals even has a special course if you’re experienced and want to teach others how to use forklifts safely.

Besides lift training, Sunbelt Rentals offers safety classes for working on heights. You can get certified in Fall Protection to use gear like harnesses properly. These courses teach all about staying safe while working on or near lifts.

For your convenience, Sunbelt Rentals has safety classes in Spanish and online learning too. This means you can learn about lift safety no matter when or where you are. By focusing on safety and training, Sunbelt Rentals makes sure using their lifts is safe and easy for everyone.

Affordable Boom Lift Rental Rates

Finding a boom lift for rent is easy and affordable, fitting right into your budget and schedule. Rental companies are all about offering solutions that are friendly on your wallet.

They cover all your aerial lift needs, from scissor lifts to cherry pickers. Their services also include man lifts, towable and self-propelled boom lifts, plus knuckle boom lifts.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rental Options

Need a boom lift for just a day or a whole month? Most rental companies have you covered with flexible daily, weekly, and monthly options.

So, whether you’ve got a big or small project, you can easily find a plan that works for you. This way, you only pay for the time you actually use the lift.

Discounts and Promotions

Looking for a way to save some cash on your rental? Many companies offer discounts on longer rental periods. You might find special offers that save you money, like bundle deals or discounts for renting for a month or more.

This makes getting the equipment you need more affordable. Make sure to ask about all the deals available to you.

Rental DurationRental RatePotential Discounts
Daily$200 – $4005-10% off for multiple-day rentals
Weekly$800 – $1,50010-15% off for week-long rentals
Monthly$2,000 – $3,50015-20% off for month-long rentals


Renting a boom lift is a smart, money-saving choice for many tasks and jobs. It’s perfect for work on construction, maintenance, tree care, or facility upkeep. Boom lift rentals offer the right tools and knowledge for a safe and fast job. By learning about the various boom lifts, the perks of renting, and picking the best model, you can make sure your work goes well.

With affordable rental rates and many choices, finding the right boom lift is easy. You can get anything from a 30-foot lift to a 135-foot one. Weight limits vary from 9,700 lbs to 44,000 lbs. Also, you can get lifts powered by diesel, gas, propane, or electricity. If you need extras like work lights or tool trays, you’re covered.

Choosing the correct boom lift rental boosts your work’s speed and safety. If you take an operator training and focus on safety features, your use of the boom lift will be reliable. So, when faced with a job high up, think about the advantages of renting a boom lift. It opens up new options for completing your project, making you more productive and happier.

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