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Welcome to the top-tier of construction equipment repair. At W.W. Williams, we are changing the game. We provide full services for your heavy machinery and more. This ensures they work well every day.

Do you know how to keep your construction gear top-notch, even on tough job sites? The key is choosing a superior repair service.

construction equipment repair

Our experts have years of experience. They are highly trained to give you efficient repair solutions. This work is to boost your equipment’s performance and keep it running. With top-notch facilities and a wide range of parts, your equipment is in good hands. This lets you stay focused on your worksite.

Comprehensive Construction Equipment Repair Services

At our dealership, we offer top-notch construction equipment repair. We ensure your machines like heavy machinery and earthmoving equipment work perfectly. Our experts can do diagnostics, repairs, or overhauls for your equipment needs.

From Heavy Machinery to Earthmoving Equipment

We can fix various machines, from big excavators to small compactors. With 60 years of experience in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and more, we know how to make your equipment like new. We use special tools and have deep knowledge for top-quality service.

Excavator, Bulldozer, and Crane Repairs

If your excavators, bulldozers, or cranes need fixing, we’re here for you. Our team uses advanced tools to find and solve problems. This ensures your machines work well and are reliable for any tough job.

Skid Steer, Compactor, and Grader Servicing

Not just big machines, we also fix smaller ones like skid steers, compactors, and graders. Our experts carefully check, diagnose, and fix these machines. This keeps your work site efficient and smooth.

On-Site and In-Shop Repair Solutions

Tri-County Equipment Repair knows the construction world is fast-paced. That’s why we have both on-site and in-shop repair options. Our mobile field service trucks are ready with tools and skilled technicians. They ensure fast repairs on your construction site. This minimizes downtime, putting your equipment back to work quickly.

Mobile Field Service for Construction Sites

Our special fleet of service trucks can handle many construction machines. They fix everything from concrete mixers to excavators on-site. Our technicians check key systems like fuel and brakes. They are experts at fixing diesel engines and transmissions. So, your repair challenges are met where you need it most.

Choosing on-site repairs keeps you away from big downtime and transport worries. Each service truck carries lots of tools and parts. This means quick and top-quality fixes for your machines.

State-of-the-Art Service Centers

For bigger or deep repairs, come to our service centers. They have the newest diagnostic tools and special equipment. These ensure top-notch service for your equipment. With our big shop and multiple bays, we can handle all the heavy equipment you have.

Our team includes techs who’ve worked at major machinery dealerships. They are certified and highly skilled. They bring the best of the industry to your repair. We can do everything from line boring to rebuilding hydraulic systems. Our in-shop repairs are unmatched in the construction repair world.

construction equipment repair

Preventive Maintenance Programs

Keeping your construction equipment in top condition is all about being proactive. Our preventive programs aim to prevent costly breakdowns and extend your machinery’s life. We create a custom maintenance plan based on your gear and how you use it. This ensures your equipment gets regular check-ups and small problems get fixed before they grow.

Scheduled Maintenance Schedules

Maintaining your equipment involves regular actions like greasing and checks, with parts getting swapped out when they’re too worn. How often this happens depends on factors like how much your machines have worked, how far they’ve traveled, and their age. We tweak our approach based on both the experts’ advice and your equipment’s specific needs. This means your gear is always in its best shape and ready to go.

Maximize Equipment Uptime and Performance

Choosing us for your maintenance means less downtime, better performance, and more value from your equipment. Good upkeep means less money spent and more safety on the site. It also means your machines last longer, hold their value, and bring in more profit over time. Investing in preventive maintenance is a wise move for your business’s success.

construction equipment repair center

Hydraulic System Repairs and Overhauls

Your construction equipment’s core component is the hydraulic system. It powers the movements of heavy machinery. Our specialized technicians offer top-notch repair and overhaul services. This keeps your machinery working its best.

We’re great at finding and fixing many hydraulic issues. Whether it’s leaky seals or valves not working, we can help. We use advanced tools to diagnose and solve problems fast. This means we can tailor a fix to get your system back to great.

Even if your hydraulics suddenly fail, or you’re just being careful, we’ve got your back. We cover everything from repairs to overhauls. Hand over your equipment to us for smoother operation. Trust us to maximize your machinery’s performance and uptime.

Hydraulic System Repair ServicesHydraulic System Overhaul Services
Hydraulic leak detection and repair Hydraulic valve troubleshooting and replacement Hydraulic pump rebuilding and repair Hydraulic cylinder repair and reconditioning Hydraulic hose and fitting replacementComplete hydraulic system disassembly and inspection Hydraulic component replacement (pumps, valves, cylinders) Hydraulic system flushing and fluid replacement Hydraulic system performance testing and calibration Comprehensive hydraulic system reassembly and testing

Work with us for expert hydraulic system repair and hydraulic system overhaul. Your construction equipment will get the best care. This means reliable performance and high productivity on every job site.

Engine Diagnostics and Diesel Overhauls

It’s crucial to keep your construction equipment’s engine in great shape. This ensures it works well and is highly productive. Our well-trained technicians use the latest tools to spot and fix issues fast, whether it’s a small fix or a big diesel engine overhaul.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

Our diagnostic gear is top-notch. It can look at current and past issues in your engine, check important levels, and assess engine health in real time. This means our experts can catch and fix both big and small engine problems, helping your engines perform their best all the time.

Engine Rebuilds and Reconditioning

If your construction gear’s engine needs a full rebuild or a focused fix, we’re here to help. We can make your machinery powerful and efficient again. Usually, a diesel engine lasts about 10 years or works 12,000-15,000 hours. Our overhauls aim to extend this by preventing and fixing common problems, ensuring your equipment keeps running strong.

construction equipment repair

Our repair work focuses on understanding the special needs of large machines. Technicians do detailed checks, scheduled maintenance, and specific fixes. This ensures bulldozers, cranes, and more run their best.

Heavy Machinery Maintenance

Certified experts care for engines, hydraulic systems, and undercarriage parts. They do routine checks and maintain your equipment. This helps machinery live longer and lowers repair costs.

Undercarriage Replacements

The undercarriage is vital for your equipment’s movement and steadiness. We offer expert undercarriage services. These services include changing worn parts to boost your machines’ efficiency and lower project delays.

Fleet Management Solutions

Managing a fleet of construction equipment is hard, but we’ve got your back. Our solutions help you make the most of your equipment. We offer tools for better tracking and maintenance planning. This helps cut down on downtime and boosts your equipment’s value.

Centralized Equipment Tracking

Our system keeps a close eye on where your construction gear is and how it’s used. With GPS, you can track equipment movements and use. You’ll see if something is not being used much or if there’s theft happening. All this data ends up in one accessible place. Then, you can spot opportunities to improve and save.

Optimized Maintenance Scheduling

Keeping your machinery in top shape is crucial. Our service helps you schedule maintenance when it’s really needed. This means no more guesswork. You’ll get alerts that tell you it’s time for maintenance. This way, you can avoid pauses in your work. Plus, you’ll save money on costly repairs and sudden stops.

Experienced and Certified Technicians

Our team’s core strength lies in our experienced and certified technicians. These certified technicians go through strict manufacturer-trained programs. They learn the latest in equipment tech and repair methods. We greatly value continuous training and certifications. This ensures our team can quickly tackle any tough issues. When you pick us, rest easy knowing experts are on the job.

Manufacturer-Trained Experts

Our skilled techs get their know-how straight from the equipment makers. This manufacturer-trained background helps them find and fix even the trickiest problems. Your machinery is brought back to its best with care and speed.

Continuous Training and Certifications

Keeping up with the newest tech is key for our crew. We regularly update our technician training. Our certified technicians are always encouraged to earn new technician certifications. This means our technicians are always ahead of the curve. They can provide top-notch service for all your equipment needs.

All-Makes Parts and Components

We keep a wide stock of genuine OEM parts for various construction equipment. Our team is ready to help you find any part you need. We’re here to ensure your machines stay in top shape.

Extensive Inventory of Genuine OEM Parts

Our large supply of parts and quick shipping means your equipment won’t be idle for long. We know how important it is to fix your machines fast. That’s why we work hard to have the right OEM parts ready for you.

Access to Hard-to-Find Components

Looking for something rare or specific? We’ve got you covered. Along with common parts, we have the skills to locate those unusual components. Let us help you find that crucial part to keep your machinery moving.

Customer-Focused Service and Support

We are all about making you happy with our construction equipment repair services. Our team of helpful and smart service advisors is here just for you. From your first call, we aim for clear talk, correct cost guesses, and fixes that last. We want to make sure your equipment is working again in no time.

Responsive and Knowledgeable Service Advisors

Our experts really get what you need for your machines. Whether it’s a tough fix or just knowing how to care for your gear, they’ve got your back. They spot issues fast and create plans just for you to max out your equipment’s performance.

Transparent Communication and Cost Estimates

Being upfront is key in our approach to helping you. We promise to clearly talk about repair steps, costs, and when you’ll be up and running again. Your service advisor will walk you through every detail, so you know exactly what’s needed and why.

Customer ServiceResponsive and knowledgeable team dedicated to providing personalized attention and support
Service AdvisorsExperts in equipment diagnostics and repair processes, ensuring efficient and effective solutions
Cost EstimatesTransparent and detailed cost breakdowns, enabling informed decision-making
Transparent CommunicationKeeping you informed throughout the repair process, building trust and confidence


We aim to be your go-to for construction equipment repair, making sure your machines work their best. Our services are thorough, our technicians are skilled, and we put customers first. You can count on us for on-site fixes, checking your equipment, or big repairs. We’re here to keep you working, so your business thrives.

Refurbishment can save you money and help the planet. Our team knows heavy machinery inside out. They can make your equipment last longer, getting the most from what you spent.

Regular upkeep is crucial for your machines. We help you with checks that keep everything running smoothly. You’ll see better performance and feel secure with our team looking after your gear.

Ready to make your construction business shine? Contact us. We’re here with top-notch service. Your equipment will be primed for any challenge.

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