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The global market for used farm equipment dealers is booming. By 2027, it is expected to top $50 billion. This shows the high demand for second-hand agricultural machinery. It’s sought after by farm equipment dealers, agricultural machinery suppliers, and farmers in the U.S.

Looking for a used tractor, combine harvester, hay baler, or planting and tillage tools? Our online marketplace is the place to be. You’ll find a large selection from trusted farm implement retailers and precision farming technology providers.

Shop an extensive range of pre-owned farm equipment. This includes tractors, harvesting tools, and more. Our network of agricultural machinery suppliers ensures you can get the perfect match for your farm. Check out John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, or Kubota for great deals on farm implements.

farm equipment dealers

Explore a Wide Range of Used Farm Equipment

Our online marketplace has a wide range of used farm equipment. You can find everything from pre-owned tractors to used planting equipment. Looking for a compact utility tractor or a row-crop model? We’ve got top-quality options from big brands.


Choose from a variety of used tractors from brands you trust. These include John Deere, Case IH, and Massey Ferguson. No matter your farming needs, you’ll find the right tractor here.


Enhance your harvest with a quality used combine harvester. We have models from John Deere, Case IH, and CLAAS. These machines are ready to work on grain, corn, and more with skill.


Make sure your hay and forage work goes smoothly with a used baler. Our selection features New Holland, Vermeer, and Krone models. You can choose between round or square balers to fit your needs.

Planting and Tillage Equipment

Get your land ready for planting and keep your soil healthy. We have used planters, tillers, and discs from top brands. Find the equipment you need to grow better crops.

Farm Equipment Dealers Near You

Are you searching for farm equipment dealers close by? Our platform can help you find reliable sellers of used farm tools. Just type your zip code or city to see a list of dealers near you. You can even refine your search by equipment type, brand, and more. This makes it easy to find the dealer that suits your farming needs.

Our network covers the whole United States, ensuring you can find a dealer anywhere. This includes dealers of tractors, combines, balers, and other machinery. No matter what you need, our dealers have you covered.

Looking for dealers specializing in tractors, combines, or other machinery? Our platform has dealers ready to help with your equipment needs. It’s easy to use and lets you connect with dealers offering exactly what you need.

farm equipment dealers

Popular Brands for Used Farm Machinery

When looking at used farm equipment, top brands stand out. John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, and Kubota are among the best.

John Deere

John Deere leads in farming tech. They offer many high-quality used pieces. These include tractors, combines, balers, and more.

Case IH

Case IH is known for its smart farming gear. They sell used row-crop tractors and advanced harvest machines.

New Holland

New Holland is famous for its innovation. Their used equipment, like balers and planting tools, are popular among farmers.

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson makes tough and versatile machines. Their used tractors, hay tools, and tillers are great picks.


Kubota specializes in small and medium tractors. Their pre-owned farming tools are ideal for smaller farms.

farm equipment dealers: Find Reliable Suppliers

Shopping for used farm equipment means choosing dealers you can trust. Look for reliable farm equipment dealers. They often have certified pre-owned programs that guarantee thorough checks and warranties on pre-owned machinery. This ensures the equipment you buy is top-notch and well-cared for.

These dealers also usually offer flexible financing options. It helps you get the used farm implements you need without a big initial payment. Working with trustworthy dealers means you can trust the quality and reliability of what you buy.

Certified Pre-Owned Programs

Choosing certified pre-owned farm machinery from these dealers means the equipment is in great shape. They’ve checked and fixed everything necessary. You also get a solid warranty with your purchase. So, you know you’re making a smart buy.

Warranty Options

It’s smart to pick dealers that provide warranties on used equipment. These warranties help cover important parts. That way, you’re protected and can feel confident in your used farm equipment.

Financing Opportunities

Getting the farm implements you need is simpler with the right financing options. Many dealers can help. They offer various ways to finance your purchase. This makes it less stressful to invest in equipment for your farm.

Precision Farming Technology and Attachments

Farming today is aiming for bigger accomplishments and better use of resources. This is where precision farming tools make a big difference. Now, many dealers offer high-tech solutions. They can take your old equipment and give it new life. This helps you do better and earn more from your work.

GPS Systems

Adding advanced GPS to your farm gear like your tractor can really help. These systems let your machinery guide itself with great accuracy. Imagine planting seeds exactly where they need to be. Or, spraying just enough pesticide, not too much. This can cut down on waste and make your farm smarter.

Precision Ag Attachments

You can find lots of add-ons for your equipment that let it do more. Things like sprayers that only work where they’re needed. Monitors that watch how your plants are doing. And sensors that measure how much crop you’re getting. All of this adds up to farms that run better and produce more.

Telematics Solutions

Telematics is like having eyes on your equipment all the time. These systems send you data about how your machines are working. They help you spot problems early, avoid stops, and make sure everything is running just right. This can mean less wasted time and more efficient work on your farm.

By using these high-tech tools with your older equipment, you can climb to new levels in farming. You’ll work smarter, make more money, and help the environment too.


If you need used farm equipment, look no further. Our online platform links you to trustworthy dealers across the US. You’ll find top brands like John Deere, Case IH, and more. They offer a wide variety of machinery, including tractors and balers.

Enhance your farm by adding the latest tech. Our dealers provide state-of-the-art GPS and precision ag equipment. With these tools, your farm can be more productive. Start your search now and see how it can better your business.

We have a big selection of farm equipment. You can compare and find the best deals on pre-owned machinery. This is your chance to take your farm to the next level. Bring in new tools and watch your success grow.

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