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Ever thought about where to get the best deals on used farm equipment? Machinery Pete is your answer. They are a well-known marketplace for all things in agriculture. You’ll find everything from tractors and combines to planters and mowers. All this equipment comes from reliable sellers throughout the country.

Machinery Pete is special, but why? Is it because their platform is easy to use, their prices are clear, or they offer excellent tips? In this read, you’ll learn what sets Machinery Pete apart. It’s the perfect place for smart buyers in farming, construction, and those who love equipment to get the best advice.

Machinery Pete

Machinery Pete: A Trusted Marketplace for Used Farm Machinery

Machinery Pete is a top place to find used farm stuff. They have lots of tractors, combines, and planters available all over the U.S. Their site is easy to use, letting you find what you need and learn about prices. This makes buying smart and hassle-free.

Extensive Selection of Farm Equipment

They have a big variety of farm machines from well-known brands. You can find stuff from John Deere, Case IH, and more. So if you need a tractor, combine, or some other special gear, this is the place to look.

User-Friendly Platform for Buyers and Sellers

The site is great for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can search easily and find what they want. Sellers can show their stuff to lots of potential buyers. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Transparent Pricing and Valuation Guides

They’re clear about how much everything costs. Plus, they provide guides to help with pricing. This way, buyers and sellers can make good choices. They ensure you get what your thing is worth.

Top Tractor Makes on Machinery PeteNumber of Listings
John Deere14,532
Case IH3,170
New Holland2,341

With a wide selection, easy-to-use website, and clear prices, Machinery Pete is the go-to place for the farm industry. They’ve become a trusted name for those looking to buy or sell farm equipment.

Top Searches on Machinery Pete

At Machinery Pete, the top searches include John Deere tractors and combines. Kubota tractors and utility vehicles are also highly sought after. This shows how well-loved these brands are in the farming world.

John Deere Tractors and Combines

John Deere is an iconic favorite in the farming scene. Machinery Pete has a big collection of used models. This includes traditional and advanced machines. Whether you want a tough John Deere 9620RX tractor or a powerful 9560 Walker Sidehill combine, you can find it here.

Kubota Tractors and Utility Vehicles

Kubota, from Japan, is making a big impact in farming too. Machinery Pete has many pre-owned Kubota tractors and utility vehicles. These cover various farm and landscape tasks. Choose from the small Kubota L3901 to the multi-use Kubota B2601.

Machinery Pete

Expert Insights and Analysis

At Machinery Pete, we offer more than buying and selling. We bring you expert insights. These help you understand the farm equipment industry’s latest happenings.

Machinery Pete TV and Podcast

Our show and podcast share talks with leaders like Jake Bryce from Machinery Scope. These resources are rich sources of knowledge. They cover topics such as machinery pete podcast, farm equipment industry trends, and the used farm equipment market.

Industry Trends and Market Forecasts

Our discussions offer key insights into the farm equipment industry. They focus on things like new tech and economic trends. For farmers, dealers, and fans, keeping up can lead to better decisions and staying ahead.

Partnering with Trusted Auctioneers and Dealers

At Machinery Pete, we value bringing the best in farm equipment to our customers. We work closely with top auctioneers and dealers. This brings a huge selection of farm equipment, vintage tractors, and construction tools to our users. Online Auctions is our go-to for great online auctions. We’ve joined forces to make the bidding process easy and fun. Here you’ll find lots of used farm equipment, like tractors and combines, ready for you to buy.

Aumann Vintage Power: Collector Auctions

Love vintage farm gear? Aumann Vintage Power is known for rare, top-quality pieces. They offer a special collection of vintage items. This is a dream come true for fans and collectors of old farming gear.

Black Star: Heavy Construction Equipment

We’re not just about farming. We also partner with experts in construction equipment. Black Star is a top supplier of heavy machinery. They offer a wide selection of equipment – from excavators to skid steers.

Innovative Solutions for the Farm Equipment Industry

The farm equipment field is changing fast. Machinery Pete works with cutting-edge firms to meet the needs of everyone involved. For example, they have teamed up with Machinery Scope. This company offers warranty options for used farm equipment.

Machinery Scope: Extended Warranty Options

Buying used farm equipment is a big deal. Protecting your investment is key. This is where Machinery Pete and Machinery Scope come in. Their partnership gives peace of mind with extended warranty farm equipment. It makes figuring out the right price for used gear easier. Expert Casey Seymour recently talked about this issue.

Online Auctions and Digital Platforms

Machinery Pete isn’t just about listings. They’ve connected with top auctioneers and dealers. This means users can join online farm equipment auctions. Buyers get to bid on lots of equipment, like tractors and combines. It expands the digital farm equipment marketplace they’ve created.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Machinery Pete proudly shares inspiring stories of people who reached their goals with the platform. One outstanding story comes from Jason Ingermanson. He’s a Kansas farmer who became a successful restaurateur.

Jason Ingermanson: Farmer-Turned-Restauranteur

Jason Ingermanson is from Solomon, KS. He started a popular restaurant empire with over 100 locations in 15 states since 2011. He kept his farming business running by using Machinery Pete to sell his well-kept farm equipment.

Ingermanson shows how diversification and hard work can lead to success. He went from farming to running restaurants without losing his farming roots. His success was even featured on the TV show Small Town Big Deal because of Machinery Pete’s help.

Rodney Miller: “Small Town Big Deal” TV Host

Rodney Miller, the host of “Small Town Big Deal,” is also part of the Machinery Pete community. He’s known for his collection of farm equipment collector. Using Machinery Pete, Miller finds special pieces for his collection.

Miller is now a big name in the farm equipment world, thanks to his TV work and his interaction with Machinery Pete. His experience shows how anyone can find success by diving into the small town big deal approach and using Machinery Pete’s resources.


Machinery Pete is now a leader in the market for used farm equipment. It makes buying and selling easy with clear prices and helpful insights. Thanks to its work with top sellers and technology, it keeps improving for both buyers and sellers.

It offers a huge range of tractors, combines, and other agricultural machinery. This makes it a top choice for finding used farm equipment and tractor auction chances. Its use of detailed analysis, equipment appraisals, and machinery values helps buyers make smart choices. This means you get great value for your money.

Machinery Pete stays ahead by adapting and bringing in new ideas as the farm equipment industry changes. It’s respected for heavy equipment sales and construction equipment listings across the U.S. The site is easy to use and has a complete equipment price guide. This makes it the perfect place for all your used farm equipment needs.

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