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Tired of endless equipment specs that make decisions hard? Look to RitchieSpecs. It has a huge database with over {{equipmentcount}} current & past specs for various equipment. This includes dozers, wheel loaders, and more. You can search by industry, model, or manufacturer easily. This helps in making your transport operations better.


What makes RitchieSpecs stand out? It offers detailed equipment specifications. This helps answer how to make the best choices for your transport fleet.

What is RitchieSpecs?

RitchieSpecs is like a big digital book filled with info on different machines. You can look up things like dozers, wheel loaders, and more. It helps you choose the right equipment by letting you search for details based on what you need.

Comprehensive Database

There are over 11,500 machine types on RitchieSpecs.com. You can find everything from different types of excavators to rock trucks. It includes a search tool that makes finding machines with specific features easy.

Search by Industry, Model, and Manufacturer

Searching for equipment details is simple on RitchieSpecs. You can look up things like equipment transport and specifications for buyers, organized by industry, model, or maker. This makes it easy to find the right equipment specs for your project.

ritchiespecs: Your Go-To Source for Equipment Specifications

RitchieSpecs gives a lot of detail on equipment features. Including dig depth, max weight, and net power. This helps you make smart choices for using and moving machinery in construction, mining, and farming.

Dig Depth

The Caterpillar 420E backhoe is great at digging, reaching 14.4 ft deep. It’s perfect for many jobs. The 420EIT and 416F have similar abilities, digging to 14.3 ft.

Maximum Weight

Knowing how much equipment can carry is essential. RitchieSpecs details include the Caterpillar 420E and 420EIT’s 24,250.9 lb max weight. The Caterpillar 416F comes in slightly higher at 24,251 lb.

Net Power

Net power is crucial for equipment to perform well. The 420E and 420EIT have 93 hp, and the 416F has 87 hp. Knowing this helps pick the best machinery for your needs.


Detailed Equipment Specifications at Your Fingertips

RitchieSpecs has lots of info on equipment. It covers everything from engines to fluids. For anyone looking at [ritchiespecs], [transport equipment], [buying equipment], or tips on using equipment, this info is key. It helps choose the right [dozers], [wheel loader], [crawler loader], and [rock truck].

Engine Specifications

The Caterpillar 420E, for instance, offers a lot. It boasts a 568 cu in engine and 93 hp. Its engine runs at 1800 rpm during use and 1550 rpm on the go. With these details, you get a good idea of what this machine can do.

Hydraulic System Specifications

This machine’s hydraulic system is also impressive. It can reach 147 gal/min. Its system handles a max pressure of 5076 psi for moving and 4264 psi for turning. Knowing this data helps match the machine to your needs.

Service Refill Capacities

RitchieSpecs also tells us about the Caterpillar 420E’s fill capacities. There’s a 10.5 gal cooling system and a 21.1 gal DEF tank. Each final drive takes 2.1 gal. The hydraulic tank holds 40.4 gal, and the fuel tank, 158.5 gal. This knowledge is crucial for proper machine care.

Maximizing Efficiency with RitchieSpecs

RitchieSpecs helps you get the most out of your equipment, such as dozers, wheel loaders, and more. It gives detailed info on swing, working ranges, and capabilities to guide your decisions. This empowers you to boost your equipment’s performance.

Swing Specifications

The Caterpillar 420E has a swing speed of 8.8 rpm and a maximum swing torque of 84,151 lb-ft. This means it moves precisely and effectively in tight areas. Such details are key in making your work more efficient.

Working Ranges

Need to know how far your equipment can reach? RitchieSpecs has you covered. For instance, the Caterpillar 420E can reach up to 21’4″, with a stick of 10’6″. It also carries a 2.97 yd³ bucket. Understanding these ranges helps you choose the right machine and setup for maximum output.

Cutting and Digging Capabilities

For tasks like digging and cutting, RitchieSpecs details what you need to know. The Caterpillar 420E has a 35.2 ft cutting height and a 26.4 ft depth for a 8’0″ bottom. It can dig up to 26.9 ft deep. Knowing such capabilities ensures you can carry out various jobs efficiently and confidently.

SpecificationCat 420E
Swing Speed8.8 rpm
Maximum Swing Torque84,151 lb-ft
Reach Boom21’4″
Bucket Capacity2.97 yd³
Maximum Cutting Height35.2 ft
Maximum Depth Cut (8’0″ Level Bottom)26.4 ft
Maximum Digging Depth26.9 ft


RitchieSpecs is key for transport pros looking for detailed equipment specs. They cover many industries and brands. You can find info on dig depth, weight, power, and more.

It helps fleet managers, procurement specialists, and operators. You get to check equipment details before you buy. For example, you can see Caterpillar’s 420E’s impressive dig depth. Or, you can look at the Caterpillar 416F’s strong hydraulics.

RitchieSpecs is your friend in the fast-changing transport world. It keeps you up to date. Plus, it’s easy to use. So, for ritchiespecs, specs for equipment transport, specs for equipment buyers, and more, it’s your top choice.

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